Increase profits through by gaining clients

Avigo is an on-demand health and fitness mobile app for corporates.

We help corporations improve employee productivity, satisfaction and retention. We leverage mobile technology to provide on-demand, customized personal training and managed group classes.

New Clients

High quality new corporate clients.

Boost Profits

Significant incremental revenue without excessive discounting.

Additional Marketing

We are a marketing channel giving you additional brand awareness.

Avigo promotes your gym allowing you to focus on establishing top quality facilities and delivering superior classes.

How it works?

  • Avigo sessions will be sent to you in advance via your partner web app and email. You can customize when and how many (maximum limit) sessions you want Avigo to send you.
  • You will get a set payment for every Avigo session at your facility upon completion.
  • Each month we will be sent a Revenue and Activity Report, including the utilisation and profits earned.

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