Organisational Skills

Avigo have experience with running health and wellness events.

Intimate Customer Connection

We focus on small scale events allowing you to have intimate connection with potential customers or increasing retention with existing customers.

Technology Plaform

We have the platform, organization skills and marketing outreach. Events can be any size from 50 to 500 people depending on budget.

Let Avigo create an unique, rememberable and brand boosting event for your company or organisation

Previous Events

What we can do


  • Sponsoring events is VERY expensive
  • People don’t notice the sponsors hard to estimate reach
  • No feedback on results


We create an event for you! For a HK$ 50,000 budget you get:

  • Intimate connection with 100 participants, they receive branded T Shirt and goody bags – HK$ 150 per person (30% of budget)
  • Brand exposure to at least 6,000 people across Facebook – HK$ 2 per person (25% of budget)
  • 1,600 post event Social Media Views – HK$ 4.3 per person (10% of budget)
  • 60 Pictures on Instagram – HK$ 120 per person (15% of budget)
  • Video of event for sharing on company blogs and social media channels – HK$ 10,000 (20% of budget)

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