Corporate Wellbeing Platform

We provide a range of high quality health, wellness and fitness services to the top corporates in Hong Kong.

Avigo services are on-demand, customized and flexible so can supplement or replace normal gym membership.

Employee Fitness Proposition

Provide a better proposition for your employees – flexibility, convenience, data tracking.

Boost Employee Retention

Employer feedback on utilization & wellness of organization.

Increase Company Culture

Simplify internal activity organization with our tools.

We help you to sustainably improve employee productivity, satisfaction and retention whilst allowing you to effectively monitor and promote wellness


  • Private Classes (just for your company)
  • Private Wellness Seminars (just for your company)
  • Classes at surrounding boutique gyms
  • Access to surrounding gym facilities

Deliver these services to your employees through a corporate sponsored subsidy, which enables you to monitor usage and performance.

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